Best Racing SUP –What you need to know!


If your thinking of entering any Paddleboard events then this is the board to get you to the finishline! For Fitness, Sprint Events, Long Distance Racing then this Sunny King Racer is your weapon for winning on any course!

The Racer is shaped incorporating a semi-displacement hull, a low and even bottom rocker and curved scoop lines, which enhances the water-flow along the board while offering excellent gliding capabilities and acceleration!

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What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?


BY: Phil Wrochna

First of the Bike 1st Feb 2011

From generic street term to the fastest growing water sport on the planet the term SUP has taken on a whole new meaning in the past few years. Stand Up Paddleboarding is the next evolution in a wave of sports that are veering off the mainstream and forming their own unique subculture.

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