Leashes are for your safety. I know many people hate wearing a leash and some SUP Business’s astonishingly promote not wearing leashes.

Don’t worry as there’s a leash to best suit every occasion!

Long straight leash’s for surf, coiled leash for racing and quick release waist leash for rivers which could have submerged objects.

With the wind, the flow on the river and the current your board can be a distance away from you in a matter of seconds.

Sadly an advanced level paddler was lost at the weekend in America not wearing a Leash or PFD, please help share this information with all your fellow Paddlers & don’t let this happen again.

We STRONGLY suggest buying a few Leg Ropes TODAY and always have a spare one in your Car! Check your Local Laws also as many area’s in Australia now require a PFD (Floatation Device) to be worn if paddling over 400 meters from Land.

BUY PFD’s Here –

BUY Leashes Here –

BUY Coil SUP Leashes Here –

NOTE: The paddler in the video is safe and well and is always wearing a leash now. He wanted this Video shown to make people aware just how easy is it for a Fun Paddleboard Session to instantly become a Life Threatening Situation. We need as many Paddleboarders to see this.

From total Beginners to SUP Experts… this relates to us all.




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