Stand Up… Triathletes

Surftech works with top triathlete and trainers to show how Standup Paddling offers a fun, social and challenging activity while providing a rigorous core workout to supplement their regular training for Triathlons.

Stand Up Paddle – 5 Pre-Paddle Stretches

These are 5 pre-paddle stretches to do before going out on your Stand Up Paddleboard.

1. Lat Stretch

2. shoulders/triceps

3. Hamstrings Stretch

4. IT Band Stretch

5. Figure 4 Stretch

CORE Fitness – Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

CORE Fitness presents Stand-Up Paddle Boarding workouts.

“A great workout from your Temple to your Toes!”

LADIES – Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The Ladies of Hawaii showing us how it’s done Standing Up.

This is a Segment from Stand Up Paddle Surfing – Hawaiian Style Vol.1

SUP Fitness

Join Nikki Gregg in this hour long DVD that will hone your SUP paddling skills as well as guide you thru a couple of great workouts.

Available at our ONLINE STORE

Sunny King Paddleboard YOGA

Checkout SUNNY KING Team Rider Charlotte Piho as she shows us some very cool SUP Exercises & YOGA techniques in the amazing location of the COOK ISLANDS.

SUP Fitness / Yoga

SUP Fitness.. SUP Yoga.. Making NBC NEWS!!