Inflatable SUP

Often when people think of the word ‘inflatable’ they think of something cheap that you might use once a year on a camping trip. But don’t be fooled into thinking that all Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards are an inferior alternative – HIGH PRESSURE (23psi) inflatable SUP’s are not a cut-price product and are actually the preferred choice of many paddleboard enthusiasts globally.

Inflatable SUP’s have many advantages, such as being easier to store. With boards ranging from 10 to 17 feet in length, traditional SUP’s do require considerable space. Many inflatable SUP buyers are:

  • paddle board enthusiasts without a secure garage
  • families who purchase multiple boards or a jumbo board that holds everyone
  • boat owners who keep a board onboard for those calm hot days
  • enthusiasts who are travelling and keen to explore new places via paddle board

Inflatable SUP’s are also easier to transport, as they don’t need to be strapped to roof racks!

The boards are light to carry and can be inflated at the beach in minutes with a small, lightweight pump. Sunny King inflatables can be pumped up to 23psi for maximum stiffness and rigidity, making them stiff enough for the surf as well.

Everyone can enjoy the Sunny King inflatable paddle boards due to their high weight rating – 100kg for the 10’6” and 140kg for the 12’6”

Our iSUP Packages are assembled in Melbourne Australia, using heavy-duty laminated PVC/polyurethane layers which are fused together with drop-stitched paneling using the Highest Grade MSL FUSION Technology.

Once you have made your selection we can have you on the water in 2-3 days. Over 3,000 of our boards have been shipped nationwide. No expense is spared to ensure all boards are well padded and protected. For your peace of mind we have a 7 day returns policy for online buyers, however not one board has been returned so far since we started business back in 2008 supplying the Australian SUP Market with our Paddleboards.