Sunny King 12’6″ (27.5″) Pro Flatwater Series SUP

$1,250.00 inc GST

Bonus Pack – Carbon

Bonus Pack – Carbon

$ 349.00

SUP Warehouse – SUNNY KING Carbon ‘BONUS PACK’..

Pack includes:

  • 1 x SUNNY KING Heavy Duty Board Bag w/ Paddle Holder
  • 1 x SUNNY KING Full Carbon Paddle (7″ or 8″ Blade Size Available)
  • 1 x SUNNY KING 12′ Coil Leash
  • SUP Warehouse Trucker Cap
  • Cool Car Stickers & a Fridge Magnet

Fixed or Adjustable Paddle:


SUNNY KING 12’6″ Racer ‘PRO Series’ 2019 Series SUP

If your serious about your paddling & thinking of entering any SUP Paddleboard events around Australia then this ‘PRO Series’ board will get you to the finishline… FAST!!

For Fitness, Sprint Events, Long Distance Racing then this Sunny King Racer SUP is your weapon for winning on any course!

The Racer is shaped incorporating a semi-displacement hull, a low and even bottom rocker and curved scoop lines, which enhances the water-flow along the board while offering excellent gliding capabilities and acceleration!
It has enough volume through the nose to perform upwind, in side-winds and down-wind. It’s designed with a wide point under the paddlers stance which can give maximum acceleration off the start line in any race!! This ‘PRO Series’ Racer board is beautifully hand shaped & crafted from EPS Core and Epoxy resin / fiberglass with a sleek laminate finish.

Dimensions: 12’6″ x 27 1/2″ x 5 1/2″

Volume: 265.13 Liters

Additional information

Weight 100 kg


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