Sunny King 14′ (29″) Pro Series SUP

$1,300.00 inc GST

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Dimensions: 14′ x 29″ x 5 1/2″

This 14′ SUP board really really is a piece of art!

Sunny King’s eye for detail gives this 14′ ‘PRO Series’ SUP a distinct advantage over its competitors when out on the open oceans. It comes with a slightly in-step deck which helps lower the riders centre of gravity allowing for more stability and control. This in-step deck also allows for excellent water runoff especially in open ocean swells.

It has been handcrafted with a sharp pulled in tail and edges allow for quick water flow and release resulting in SPEED!

At only 29″ wide its designed for beginner through intermediate to larger advanced SUP paddlers.

The extra volume in the ‘yacht type’ bow nose helps it through the water and swells like a hot knife in butter!


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