BoardLock 2M Security Cable

$35.00 inc GST


BoardLock 2.0m (6.5′) Security Cable


This kit contains:

  • 2m (6.5′) BoardLock security cable only

The 2 meter cable is suitable for large vehicles or those who would like to carry Stand Up Paddleboards, Surfboards, Bikes etc etc…

All BoardLock Security Cables are constructed from the highest grade 304 stainless steel and encapsulated in a PVC coating, giving the ultimate protection against the elements while still maintaining flexibility.

How To Use

These 6 photo’s show how to install the Leash Lock and Board Lock Cable

1. put leash lock through leash plug 2. put the black bead through the other loop and pull tight 3. attach leash to leash lock 4. put BoardLock cable through the leash lock loop 5. feed the ball end of the Board Lock loop through the other loop 6. (for multiple boards feed the ball end through second board Leash Lock) for single boards place ball end of the Board Lock cable inside vehicle and close door/window 7. Close Board Lock cable in Door, window or hatch. It’s secure!!

Additional information

Weight 4 kg


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