HIGH SPEED 20 PSI Electric ISUP Inflatable Pump

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2023 Series Inflatable SUP  – Electric Pumps (20psi)

We have the perfect electric ISUP pump for your Inflatable Paddleboards!! 

SUP Warehouse Smart Electric SUP Pump – 12V DC High Pressure Pump with Intelligent Dual Stage & Auto-Off Function for Easy Inflation & Deflation of Stand Up Paddle Boards & Inflatable Boats

  • 20PSI HIGH PRESSURE SUP PUMP – Smart & easy-to-use 12V high pressure electric pump for SUPs & inflatable boats. Built-in sand filter, dual stage pumping & Auto-Off allows for EASY & CONVENIENT INFLATION & DEFLATION.
  • 12V DC CAR CIGARETTE LIGHTER CONNECTOR – Connects to your car’s 12V DC connector. Features a 12A fuse for increased safety. Compact design and BUILT-IN CARRYING HANDLE for easy transportation.
  • DUAL STAGE & AUTO OFF FOR EASY INFLATION – Automatic dual stage pump: 1st stage for maximum speed at 350L/min and 2nd stage for maximum pressure at 70L/min. The AUTO-OFF FUNCTION turns the pump off when target pressure is reached.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 x  20PSI Smart Electric SUP Pump, 1 x 4ft High Pressure Hose, 1 x User Manual

(NOTE:  10’6″ ISUP = 5.40 minutes to Inflate to 14psi)

This intelligent 12V DC 120W electric pump comes with digital control and LCD screen to display the set pressure and real-time air pressure. It can Auto-Stop at your pre-set air pressure, or when max 20 minutes continued working time reached. So you can never over-inflate the chamber or damage the pump.Great to use for inflatable SUP and paddle board. Max 20PSI and great quality. Compatible with HR (Halkey-Roberts), Bravo or similar type air valve that suitable the most SUPs in the market. Those air valves have a turning pin or pressing down pin at the middle to control the valve’s Open & Closed position.Comes with 3 different size O ring – 3mm, 5mm and 6mm. So you may be easy to find a right one that suitable for your SUP. .Pump’s 12V DC connector (Car Cigarette Lighter connector) has a built-in 10A fuse. You can connect the pump to your vehicle. Unscrew the head connector bolt to access this fuse if you ever need to exchange it.

– Model: Sunny King SUP20S
– Pump Support Rate: 0.5-20 PSI (0.034-1.378 Bar)
– Digital Sensor Accuracy: 0.01 PSI
– Controller Method: Pre-programmed digital controller
– Pressure Display: PSI & Kpa – Max Pumping Speed: 70L/min
– Pumping: Engineered cylinder type compressor for high pressure
– O Ring Thickness: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm
– Pump Working Voltage: 11-14V DC
– Max Energy Consumption: 10A, 120W (12V)
– DC Power Cord Length: 9ft (2.75m)
– Air Hose: 3.5ft Length & with HR Valve Adaptors
– Product Net Weight: 2.86 Lbs (1300g)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Major parts made of marine grade engineered ABS and Nylon materials. All material are durable and can offer wide range of working temperature. Regardless being used on a daily basis during the season or occasionally in a year, the quality pump can always do the good job.
  • Reinforced 3.5ft air hose. Perfect handy size for pumping SUPs and Paddleboards. 360 degree free turning main air hose connector provides flexible pumping positions. Screw-in style adaptors provide perfect air tight. This design will avoid users’ complain against poor quality leaky air hose issues. A strong air hose will make the pumping much easier and help this electric air pump last for many years.
  • Comparing with our quality air pump, some other similar products may only work for a few times or even damaged at the first use. Proper product engineering design and quality internal parts are very import to the longevity of a high pressure air pump. For example, it is not good if the pump major parts & cylinder are made of regular galvanized steel. For water sport use, the pump cylinder will become rusty quickly and start leaking air.
  • This intelligent DC electric air pump with a Digital pressure LCD screen is the best pump for inflatable tent, SUP, and paddle board etc. Easy to Reach High Pressure, Engineered in Canada. Max pressure can reach 20 PSI (1.378 Bar /138 Kilo-Pascal) in about 15 minutes for an inflatable paddle board. This new single stage high efficient handy air pump is with our latest standard to build.
  • Sunny King elerctric pump has built in a digital pressure gauge to do the real time monitoring. When the pressure reading can reach the pump set value, the air pump will stop automatically. You can make sure the pressure is good before you disconnect the air hose from the chamber. When the application is 20PSI, the air hose connector will turn very tight when disconnecting. This is normal since the high pressure built up.


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