iPONTOON – Inflatable SUP Yoga Docking Station

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SUNNY KING have created a iPontoon which is an “Inflatable SUP Docking Station“.

This has an anchor point on the underside so it can be placed in the middle of a lake, waterway etc and Paddlers can paddle their boards right up into the 8x Docks we’ve designed, and tie their boards off we ease. Go for a swim, snorkel etc and then jump back on their boards. This pontoon can also just be used as a swimming pontoon for the kids to muck around on and jump off during summer. Again these are VERY User Friendly and Highly Durable but most importantly safe for the kids to use. Perfect for any location!!

1x SUNNY KING IPontoon Inflatable SUP Docking Station

DIMENSIONS: 242  x  242  x  15cm


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