8’2″ Carbon SURF Series

$999.00 inc GST

Bonus Pack – Carbon

Bonus Pack – Carbon

$ 349.00

SUP Warehouse – SUNNY KING Carbon ‘BONUS PACK’..

Pack includes:

  • 1 x SUNNY KING Heavy Duty Board Bag w/ Paddle Holder
  • 1 x SUNNY KING Full Carbon Paddle (7″ or 8″ Blade Size Available)
  • 1 x SUNNY KING 12′ Coil Leash
  • SUP Warehouse Trucker Cap
  • Cool Car Stickers & a Fridge Magnet

Fixed or Adjustable Paddle:



Our Carbon Sunny King Surf Series it’s about the glide – it’s about the ride. It’s a pure surfing shape designed for high-performance Short Board Wave Riding!! It can be set up as a Quad or a Thruster (2+1). these Surf SUPs feel more like real Shortboard Surfboards than anything else. But balanced volume distribution through the guts and a flat deck with Square EVA Deck Pad making it stable but MASSIVELY maneuverable once onto the wave face! It comes with a Short Board Performance Nose Outline and a Diamond Tail for nice release out of your turns. It comes with a Mono Concave frontend through to a V Double Concave Tail for maximum performance!!


VOLUME – 119 Liters

WIDTH – 31″

LENGTH – 8’2″

THICKNESS – 4 1/5″

TECHNOLOGY – Innegra Carbon Brush Light Finish

FITTINGS – 5 × Futures Boxes, 1x GoPro Mount, 1x GORETEX Self Breather

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Weight 100 kg


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