We have our entire range of handmade & inflatable Sunny King Stand Up Paddle boards right here in Melbourne Australia. But don’t worry, many of our SUP’s are shipped throughout Australia and New Zealand as well. We can have you on the water in 2-3 business days!

We are not a mass-produced factory, we are an Australian family owned and operated business. Our motivation is to share the excitement of stand up paddle boarding with more and more people.

The Sunny King bamboo paddle boards use Canadian pressed bamboo which makes them lighter and stronger. These are a popular choice for all-round beach and river use.

Paddle boards aren’t just for paddling; they’re great for providing a challenging yoga workout in a natural environment. View our range of lightweight and manageable Women’s Yoga Paddle boards.

Inflatable SUP’s are great for those with limited storage space, and can be easily stored away in your boat for those sunny days. Inflatable SUP’s come in a variety of sizes, with larger platform-style paddle boards designed for aqua fitness or as a fun toy for the kids.

Stand up paddle boards are a great way to get children active and develop their confidence in the water. Kid’s paddle boards are lighter and come in smaller sizes.

Experienced and competition paddle board riders may be interested in specialised flatwater racing and ocean racing SUP’s.

We can also provide you with paddles and accessories to enhance your experience and protect your board for years to come. Those new to stand up paddle boarding can learn the ropes quickly with our lessons & free social groups in the Bayside, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas.