Bamboo Paddle Boards

Sunny King Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) now have a Range of Handmade Bamboo SUP’s for all Australian’s to Enjoy. Exclusive to SUP Warehouse at Wholesale Prices. Save 60% Off Retail Prices Today! These SUP’s are LIGHTER & STRONGER with Canadian ‘Pressed Bamboo’ and Kevlar Rails for extra Strength.

These are a fantastic all-round SUP. These can be used for riding waves or paddling at a calm beach or river.

We have selected bamboo in our paddle boards for numerous reasons. Bamboo provides you with a stronger product, with the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any natural fiber. In fact bamboo is found to have higher tensile strength than numerous alloys of steel!

In most cases, the strongest materials are the heaviest. Fortunately this does not apply to bamboo! Bamboo paddle boards weigh approximately 15% less than common fiberglass and epoxy equivalents.

You can also feel good knowing your paddle board was constructed from a renewable resource. Bamboo is harvested in only three years as opposed to twenty-five years for wood. The root system is not damaged, in fact harvesting actually encourages the plant to grow more shoots.

The bamboo in these boards isn’t a pretty veneer finish. It’s a pressed bamboo layer on the top and bottom of the SUP. These boards come in three sizes and can be purchased as part of a package that’ll provide you with everything you need to hit the water.