Stand UP Paddleboards

At SUP Warehouse, we have a great range of Sunny King stand up paddle boards for sale, and we’re always here to help you get you on the right SUP board! Whether you’re just starting out with stand up paddling, or a seasoned pro, we will help you buy a high quality Stand Up Paddleboard that is right for you.

Beginner Stand Up Paddleboards – Bamboo is for you!

If it’s your first time trying Stand Up Paddleboarding, we recommend starting out with an entry level SUP from the Bamboo Series. An all-purpose SUP board, they are light, strong and suitable for a calm beach or river paddle right up to wave riding. They’re also stable to help you enjoy your first SUP experiences. Perfect for the heavier paddleboarder looking to be more active, the Bamboo Series comes in three lengths – 9’6” (up to 75kg), 10’6” (up to 95kg) and 11’6” (up to 140kg).

Stand Up Paddleboards for Yoga

Perhaps you’re looking to enjoy all the health benefits of the Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga phenomenon? (Or looking to be the next Instagram Influencer!)

The Sunny King 10’ Yoga Series is the perfect SUP for blissfully practising your vinyasa! Add an Aqua Fitness Mat, and you’ll soon be reaping the meditative rewards of flat water or ocean yoga.

Short on space? An Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards packs down for storage.

We hear all the time that people just don’t have space for their stand up paddleboards. An Inflatable SUP inflates to full size in just minutes but fits in a backpack for easy transport and storage. Perfect for people living in apartments or who don’t have the right transport for solid SUP boards.  You can even store an inflatable board in the boot of your car (or yacht!) for unexpected calm sunny days!

A Stand Up Paddleboards for every purpose

Got a competitive streak? The 12’6” Bamboo Flatwater Series and 14” Bamboo Flatwater Series SUPs will help you leave your competition in your wake. If you’re seeking an extra strong board, check out the 10’7” Rocky ‘All Terrain’, or if you’re planning to SUP in Ocean Downwinding Conditions, the 14’ Carbon Dugout Ocean Series is the one to look at for sure!!

The SUP Warehouse promise

At SUP Warehouse, we only sell SUPs. Our passion for Stand Up Paddleboarding, huge range, and expert SUP board knowledge will guide you to buy a SUP that is right for you, and help you get maximum enjoyment from your paddle experience floating on the water Australia wide!