Yoga Stand Up Paddleboards

SUP yoga is rapidly growing in popularity and for good reason! It adds a little extra challenge for regular yoga enthusiasts as extra balance and core strength is required due to the insecure surface of the paddle board. Fans of the outdoors find it more relaxing and calming, as they can avoid crowded studios or even civilisation in general and perform their yoga in an isolated, tranquil environment.

As stand up paddle boards are designed for standing and movement in mind, those who regularly use their SUP for yoga will appreciate the benefits of an SUP yoga board. These boards are wider (32 inches), providing greater square footage to perform yoga poses while also providing extra balance. At 10 feet in length, most will find these to boards to be perfect for balance and ease of use.

There is also a netted section for securing clothing, bag, water bottle or paddle holder.

As your often lying on the board or using your hands, the SUP yoga boards feature softer padding to provide the same level of comfort a yoga mat would.

The bottom side of the board is also crafted with yoga in mind. Most traditional SUP’s and racing SUP’s have a displacement hull which is designed for speed and maneuverability. As SUP yoga boards spend long periods in one place and require extra balance, we design them with a planning hull which is more stable and less likely to capsize.

SUP yoga boards can also be purchased with a useful package, comprising of a lightweight carbon fiberglass adjustable paddle, board bag, paddle holder, leg rope and trucker cap.

All SUP yoga boards are constructed in Melbourne, Australia and can be carefully padded and shipped to your doorstep within 2-3 days. For your peace of mind, online customers receive a 7 day return policy, however we doubt you’ll need it as not one of the 3000 SUP’s we have shipped